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Waxing & Threading

Face & Body Waxing

Sagittarius only uses the finest wax to insure the integrity of skin. The wax is kept at a very low temperature to create less inflammation.

Waxing Options and Prices

  • Arch design - $15+
  • Lip, Chin, Cheek - $10 each
  • Both full legs - $80
  • Both half legs - $50
  • Both underarms - $30
  • Full arm - $30 each
  • Back or chest - $60 each
  • Face - $55
  • Bikini - $40
  • Barely There - $50
  • Brazilian - $70

Waxing Etiquette

  • It is best to have at least three weeks of growth prior to waxing to ensure that all of your hair is in the same stage of growth.
  • Exfoliate the area you are getting waxed 24 hours prior to your service.
  • For sanitary purposes, we will not do any type of bikini waxing if you are on your monthly cycle.

Eyebrow Threading

Originated in the Middle East centuries ago, eyebrow threading is a safe, simple, and highly effective method of hair removal performed with a strand of thread.

Who Should Use Threading?

  • Those who have delicate, sensitive skin
  • Clients who have had a chemical peel
  • Those who have acne or use Retin-A, Retinol, or Accutane

Benefits of Threading

  • Surpasses waxing in accuracy, giving the brows a smoother, cleaner, and neater look with more precise lines
  • Does not cause any allergic reactions and little to no redness